Polyester Flooring

Polyester Flooring is fast curing and UV stable, with excellent resistance to a range of chemicals including strong acids and chicken fat (which can eat away an epoxy floor in less than a year!).

To create a Polyester Floor takes expert training. Bethell Flooring is one of the few companies trained in the application of “Sureshield”, the leading Polyester Flooring. It’s labour-intensive, has to be laid on thick and requires the use of special equipment like glass floats and screeds to level it correctly.

It can be mixed with a variety of substrates including coloured sand and marble and practically any colour tint.

Every floor that we lay conforms to the Bethell Standard. It dictates that you get the exact thickness you were quoted, the exact slip resistance you need and only the use of the industry’s leading products.

Your account representative will be able to specify the best choice of flooring for your particular application.

Polyester Floors have these specifications:
Recommended for these applications
Commercial Kitchens, Food Processing, Cold Stores, Bottling Plants, Garages and Workshops, Automotive, Aviation, Hospitals and Aged Care Facilities, Correctional Institutions, Sporting Facilities.
Hardening Time / Potential downtime
1 hour after application
Slip Resistance
The product can be graded to the exact slip resistance required through the use of specific fillers
Typical Floor Thickness
Polyester floors are typically 8mm, depending on the equipment and traffic load they will bear.
Can it be repaired?
Yes, individual sections can be removed and replaced without requiring the whole floor to come up
Available fillers
Quartz sand, Marble, Bauxite, Aluminium Oxide, Silica Flour, Coloured Sand,Decorative additives such as coloured glass, luminescent plastic and more.
Available Colours
Heat Resistance
Gives off VOC’s?
Yes and will require ventilation at the application site and a respirator until cured. After curing, low or no VOC’s
5 Year Warranty