Slip Resistant Surfaces

Slip-resistant flooring doesn’t have to have that “industrial” look. Using specially-designed fillers and the best substrates, Bethell Flooring can produce a slip-resistant floor that looks great and is a long-lasting asset for your company.

Our Slip-resistant Floors can withstand years of heavy traffic from both feet and vehicles without losing the required rate of slip protection. That’s because we manufacture every floor to the Bethell Standard. You get the exact thickness you require, the exact slip resistance from day one and the longevity that comes from using only the flooring industry’s very best products.

Our slip-resistant floors are made to suit different kinds of traffic, different temperatures, different exposure to chemicals (from sea water to strong chlorine to chicken fat), sunlight and impacts. We can lay them overnight, meaning zero lost productivity for most businesses.

We can also design a custom look for your floor that can be applied consistently across all your locations. Great for franchised businesses.

Slip-resistant Floors have these specifications:
Recommended for these industries
Cold rooms, Food processing where liquid spills are common, Abattoirs, Commercial kitchens
Hardening Time / Potential downtime
Different kinds of resin floor have different curing times, but can be as little as a couple of hours
Slip Resistance
Our slip-resistant floors can be made to any specification from very minor slip resistance through to R-12 (e.g. Commercial Kitchen or Wet Area) or R-13 (e.g. Abattoir or Boning Room).
Typical Floor Thickness
Slip-resistant floors can be laid at practically any thickness from .2mm up, depending on the traffic load they will bear.
Can it be repaired?
Yes, individual sections can be removed and replaced without requiring the whole floor to come up
Available fillers
Graded quartz sand, Bauxite, Aluminium Oxide
Available Colours
Heat Resistance
Different resin blends can be created to produce different heat resistance properties. Can be mixed to be highly heat-resistant.
Gives off VOC’s?
Yes but only for a short period of time. Once hardened, the floor becomes quite stable.
5 Year Warranty. Some conditions apply to certain flooring situations. Your flooring consultant has more information.