Food Grade Surfaces

We produce Food Grade flooring for Food Processing facilities across Australia. From powder-blending rooms to abattoir floors and commercial kitchens, our team specifies the right product for every application.

Our Food Grade Floors are made to suit different kinds of traffic, different temperatures, different exposure to chemicals (sea water, strong acids and alkalis and possibly the most destructive food chemical known – chicken fat!). They’re rock-hard and have very low porosity which means they don’t harbour bacteria and they can be cleaned every day for years without breaking down.

We can lay as much as 400 square metres of flooring in a single night, meaning little to no downtime for your operation. Plus our team can create a custom-look just for you to enhance the visual appeal of your operation.

Every one of our floors is created to comply with the Bethell Standard. The standard ensures you get the exact thickness you were quoted, with the exact level of slip resistance you need, made using products from the best vendors around the globe for a floor that will remain an asset for many years.

We comply with all local council guidelines on food safety as well as state and national requirements, so you can be sure your floor will pass inspection.

Food Grade Floors have these specifications:
Recommended for these industries
Food processing facilities, commercial kitchens and bakeries, food retail outlets, bakeries, restaurants, sugar refineries
Hardening Time / Potential downtime
We can lay this kind of floor overnight once the floor preparation has been done, meaning as little as zero downtime.
Slip Resistance
The product can be graded to the exact slip resistance required through the use of specific fillers
Typical Floor Thickness
Food Safe floors are typically 5mm to 8mm thick, depending on the equipment and traffic load they will bear.
Can it be repaired?
Yes, individual sections can be removed and replaced without requiring the whole floor to come up
Available fillers
Quartz sand, Bauxite, Aluminium Oxide.
Available Colours
Heat Resistance
Different epoxy blends have different heat resistance properties. Can be mixed to be highly heat-resistant.
Gives off VOC’s?
Yes but only for a short period of time. Once hardened, the floor becomes quite stable. Note that low odour and non-taint variants are also available
5 Year Warranty