Flake Styles

From elegant flakefloors with seemingly limitless depth to heavy traffic public amenities and supermarket, our flake floors do the job for many years, every time.

Our Flake Floors are made to stand up to heavy foot traffic and exposure to a multitude of different chemicals.  Chlorine, Ammonia, Nitrogen and more are some of the harshest but our flake floors stand the test of time.

For public amenities and supermarket floors, we can carry out our work in a single night, meaning you can get on with the rest of your operations without delay.

Every one of our floors is created to comply with the Bethell Standard.  The standard ensures you get the exact thickness you were quoted, with the exact level of slip resistance you need, made using products from the best vendors around the globe for a floor that will remain functional and safe for years.

Flake Floors have these specifications:
Hardening Time / Potential downtime:
We can lay this kind of floor in a single day or night if required, once the floor preparation has been done.
Slip Resistance:
Our flake floors can be graded to the exact slip resistance required through the use of specific fillers.
Typical Floor Thickness:
Our flake floors are typically 2-3.5mm in thickness.
Can it be repaired?
Yes, individual sections can be removed and replaced without requiring the whole floor to come up.
Available fillers:
Please check with your Bethell representative.
Available Colours:
Gives off VOC’s?
Depends on product selected. Your Bethell representative can guide you on product selection.
5 Year Warranty.