Public Amenity Flooring

From park toilets to pool changerooms, we can produce flooring that will last many years under constant traffic and exposure to strong cleaning chemicals.

Our Public Amenity floors are made to stand up to constant foot traffic and exposure to a multitude of different chemicals.  Chlorine, Ammonia, Nitrogen and more are par for the course in a public amenity.  The floors we deliver can handle those and a lot more.

We can lay as much as 400 square metres of flooring per day, meaning we can help you deliver on tight project timelines.  Maintenance jobs for pre-existing floors are just as quick. 

Every Bethell Floor comes with the Bethell Standard. Your floor will be the right thickness to withstand the traffic it will bear, it will deliver the slip resistance you need, and it will be made from the highest quality materials to provide the long lifetime you expect. Every Bethell Floor comes with a warranty we stand by.

We comply with all local council guidelines on amenity safety as well as state and national requirements, so you can be sure your floor will pass inspection.

Your Bethell Representative will help you select the right flooring product for your needs. Contact us on 07 3865 3255 to connect with the right team member.

Public Amenity Floors have these specifications:
Hardening Time / Potential downtime:
We can lay this kind of floor in a single day or night if required, once the floor preparation has been done.
Slip Resistance:
Our public amenity floors can be graded to the exact slip resistance required through the use of specific fillers.
Typical Floor Thickness:
Public Amenity floors are typically 2mm to 6mm thick, depending on the foot traffic and environmental exposure they will bear.
Can it be repaired?
Yes, individual sections can be removed and replaced without requiring the whole floor to come up.
Available fillers:
Quartz sand, Bauxite, Aluminium Oxide.
Available Colours:
Gives off VOC’s?
Depends on product selected. Your Bethell’s representative can guide you on product selection.
5 Year Warranty