Food Processing Facilities

Long-term water exposure, Chlorine, Ammonia, Iodine, Acid and other cleaning agents – our floors can withstand your industry’s harshest chemicals.

Not only that, but they handle all kinds of heavy duty wheeled traffic without cracking or chipping and they provide sure footing for all your staff.

Trust us with your project and we’ll deliver a floor that lasts year after year under the harshest conditions in your facility. Call us for a quote today.

Every Bethell Floor comes with the Bethell Standard. Your floor will be the right thickness to withstand the traffic it will bear, it will deliver the slip resistance you need, and it will be made from the highest quality materials to provide the long lifetime you expect. Every Bethell Floor comes with a warranty we stand by.

Your Bethell Representative will help you select the right flooring product for your needs. Contact us on 07 3865 3255 to connect with the right team member.