We’re very conscious of Health and Safety in our industry. From the materials used in your floor to the method of application, we’re always striving to keep our team and yours safe.

That’s why we have developed some of the industry’s safest work practices. From storage to mixing to flooring application and setting, we ensure less risk of unhealthy exposure and injury thanks to our risk identification and removal process.

We’ve heard horror stories about untrained operators using products that don’t set properly, causing exposure risks to the client’s staff that had to walk on the floors the next day. There’s even one example of a poorly-trained firm that got the mix wrong for a major supermarket chain’s food and grocery section. Their floor gave off dangerous fumes overnight that mean the store had to be shut down and all the fresh food on displayhad to be thrown out. We were the company called in to fix that issue.

Bethell Flooring has been in operation for more than 50 years and in that time we have never had a single issue like those. We have implemented procedures to prevent damage, we train our staff to recognise, call out and remove risks and we ensure we only use the highest quality materials that produce safe, attractive floors.

You can trust in our experience.

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