Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring is the generic name used for all types of resin flooring.  It is strong flooring made from blended resin and selected fillers that is applied in a liquid state and can be clear or coloured.  Bethell Flooring has over 50 years of experience in laying commercial and industrial Epoxy Floors for some Australia’s best-known companies.

Polyurethane (PU) Flooring

Polyurethane Flooring comes in two kinds: Straight Polyurethane and PU Cement. The former is flexible at low temperatures and can bridge cracks.  PU Cement, on the other hand, is the most popular type of flooring in the heavy-duty end of the market.  It has the broadest range of chemical resistance and is very hard.

Resin Flooring

Resin Flooring (also called epoxy flooring) can be tailored to any industrial or commercial application. It is hard-wearing flooring that can be made from a wide variety of blended resins and fillers. Bethell Flooring is one of Australia’s most experienced flooring contractors with over 50 years of experience in constructing commercial and industrial resin floors for some Australia’s best-known brands.

Slip Resistant Flooring

Slip-resistant flooring doesn’t have to have that “industrial” look. Using specially-designed fillers and the best substrates, Bethell Flooring can produce a slip-resistant floor that looks great and is a long-lasting asset for your company.

Food Grade Flooring

We produce Food Grade flooring for Food Processing facilities across Australia. From powder-blending rooms to abattoir floors and commercial kitchens, our team specifies the right product for every application.

MMA Flooring

MMA Flooring is fast-curing, weather-resistant and waterproof. It can be applied in cold conditions. Although it gives off some odours while setting, they can be controlled through appropriate ventilation. The highly flexible finish lends itself to a variety of applications.

Polyester Flooring

Polyester Flooring is fast curing and UV stable, with excellent resistance to a range of chemicals including strong acids and chicken fat (which can eat away an epoxy floor in less than a year!).

Polymer Cement

A Polymer Cement floor is typically laid to address crumbling, pitted or otherwise stressed concrete flooring.  It is a functional floor on its own or can provide an excellent underlay for another layer of flooring.  It is stronger than standard concrete with a “walk-on” cure in 48 hours and a full cure in 28 days.

Flake Flooring

From elegant flakefloors with seemingly limitless depth to heavy traffic public amenities and supermarket, our flake floors do the job for many years, every time.

Concrete Floor Repairs and Maintenance

We don’t just lay brand new floors.  We help you extend the life of existing floors with a customised repair and maintenance service.  Call us when you have cracked,pitted or worn floors and you want to avoid the expense of laying all new concrete.